Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13, 2014 -- Seville, Spain

I did make it to the cathedral today, but I didn't make it inside, so I've yet to see Chris. Chris Columbus, that is, better known here as Cristobal Colón. 

Instead of immediately getting in line and buying a ticket, I decided to walk around the outside first and also visit any parts of the cathedral that were open to the public free of charge. I found the structure to be fascinating, so I spent a lot of time sitting in various places and studying different aspects of the cathedral's appearance.

By then, my leg was hurting, so I thought it a good idea to put off standing in line to buy a ticket until tomorrow.

Before I reached the cathedral, I came across this building, which I later learned is called the Torre de Oro or Golden Tower.

The most interesting feature of the cathedral's exterior is the bell tower, but unfortunately the only full shot I took of it turned out blurry, so I'll have to photograph it again tomorrow. The tower has an interesting history, but perhaps I should go into that tomorrow. For now I'll just write that the cathedral was once the site of an ancient Gothic church. When the Moors conquered Seville, they demolished most of the church and built a mosque in its place including an immense minaret. The Christians finally retook Seville and destroyed most of the mosque but kept the minaret, which they converted onto the cathedral's bell tower.

It is difficult to find a place to stand from which to photograph the entire cathedral with a simple cell phone camera, but in the following two shots I got in as much as I could.

The following shot is off the tourist entrance to the cathedral. There is a long line of people waiting to buy tickets snaking around the courtyard, out to the sidewalk, and down the sidewalk to the left.

The shot below was taken from farther back and shows the crowd of people waiting to buy tickets. To the right of the picture is a portion of the bottom of the bell tower.

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