Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 -- Last day in Seville, Spain

As the title to this blog entry states, today is my last day in Seville. Tomorrow afternoon I take the train to Córdoba, where I will spend six nights. After that I have two nights back in Madrid before I take the plane to Phoenix on the 27th.

This morning I went to the Church of the Savior or la Igesia del Salvador as it is known in Spanish. I spent much of the afternoon on the phone, making phone calls over Skype from my tablet PC, getting my car insurance reactivated so I can drive legally when I get back and ordering Internet service from Cox. Dealing with the insurance company was easy. Dealing with a poorly trained Cox representative was a nightmare.

The following picture shows the front of the church. On the outside, it is not nearly as ornate  as the baroque cathedral. However, inside the complexity of the carvings and metalwork almost numbs the senses.

Below is a picture of the main altar taken from the front of the church followed by a picture taken from farther back.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this dome. Getting enough light inside a church without weakening the load-bearing walls too much was a problem for the early church builders. 

No ancient church was complete without a relic. Acceptable relics were body parts of some famous saint: a finger, a vial of blood, a bone, etc. The relic inside the case in the photo below is purported to be from Santa Barbara. I have no idea which of her bones that is, but one of the medicos among the readers may be able to tell us in a comment.

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