Friday, August 08, 2014

August 8, 2014 -- Granada, Spain

Today I made the decision to fly back to Phoenix if my left leg doesn't make some sort of miraculous recovery in the next two weeks. I changed my flight reservation from September 27 to August 27. Of course, I can change it again if I do get better. If I don't get back to the Camino, I suppose I will have to change next summer's plans and pick up the Camino on foot where I left off. I had planned to come back next summer and cycle it.

However, the prospect of my leg's healing in the next two weeks is unlikely. Despite the swelling of my left leg, I kept kidding myself into believing that I might just have some sore muscles that would heal in a week or two. However, in the past dew days I've had to accept that I did some serious damage to the quadriceps and/or the associated tendons in my left leg that is going to take months to heal.

Even though I know that I should stay off that leg as much as possible, my restless nature drove me to walk several miles today up through the narrow lanes that ascend the hill below the Alhambra, an area known as Sacromomte. It is the traditional gypsy part of town, and there are even some gypsy caves up there, which I would have loved to have visited if my leg hadn't been hurting. The following photographs will give you an idea what the streets of Sacromonte are like.

The following picture shows one of the few streets that is wide enough for residents to park their cars. If you double click on the photo to enlarge it, you will notice the faint outlines of the city below looking over the wall between the tree and the tower. You may also notice the layer of smog that hangs over the city.

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