Monday, August 04, 2014

August 4, 2014 -- Madrid, Spain

Today is my last day in Madrid for now. I fly from Madrid by way of Munich to Phoenix late next month, so I'll be back.

I spent my last full day in Madrid sight seeing on foot, and mt left leg is complaining about it. I still walk with a limp.

First, I'm sure my cycling buddies will be glad to know that there are decent bike stores in Madrid. This one is located at the San Fermin - Orcasur subway stop, which is where I get off the subway each afternoon on the way back to the youth hostel

I find that the African street vendors are pretty artful at avoiding the police. Selling in the streets is illegal, and since most of the street vendors are likely in the country illegally, getting arrested could lead to deportation. If you click on the following photo to enlarge it, you will notice a rope going to all four corners of the blanket upon which the handbags are displayed and that the ropes run through the handles of some of the bags. Should the vendor spot a police officer approaching, he would grab the ropes where they cross, causing the whole display to fold into a bundle. The seller would then run off with the bundle on his back. The more nervous vendors stand next to the display with the ropes in one hand in order to be able to make a quicker departure.

The following picture is off the tower of the Palacio Santa Cruz, one of the churches that does not charge admission, so I went in.

Here's what it looks like inside. In front is the main alter, but along both sides there are alcoves with smaller altars dedicated to various saints.

When I was young and still a practicing catholic, one was able to drop a few coins in a box as a donation and light a candle to ask one's favorite saint to intercede on one's behalf or on the behalf of a loved one. However, the saints in Heaven have now gone high-tech! As the following blurry picture attempts to show, the candles have been replaced by yellow LEDs. When somebody drops a coin into the slot, one of the LEDs lights to assist the person's prayers on reaching the intended saint.

This has given me an idea of how I could be of assistance to the religious community. When I return to Phoenix, I am considering setting up Website that will enable the user to email a request directly to any saint in Heaven and receive an automated reply. Naturally, there will be a small fee for this service, and for an extra fee, the user will ne able to directly email the Big Guy himself.


Jean Quinn said...

You're going to go to hell for this one. Jean

Jack Quinn said...

Whoops! Who knew that anyone was actually reading this?