Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 22, 2014 -- Atlanta, Georgia

Things are going better today. I walked to the airport, about two miles, because there was no bus early enough, and my plane left on time for Atlanta. The plane to Barcelona is parked at the gate, so I assume we'll leave here on time. As I just emailed my cousin Susan, if I make it onto the plane, I'm going to chain myself to the seat so that thet can't kick me back off this time. The plane appears to be a 777. I was hoping for an old 747, because they make inefficient use of space, which means that I can find a nook to stand out of everyone's way and stretch my legs on a long flight. At least I have an aisle seat.

I am astounded at the size of this airport. Now I believe the claims that it is the world's busiest.

The next post should be from Barcelona.

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