Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 28, 2014 -- Girona, Spain

This is my last day in Spain for now. If all goes according to plan, I'll enter it again on foot lugging my backpack across the Pyrenees in less than a week.

Today was not much of a sightseeing day. I went to the railway station and figured out the cheapest way to get to Perpignan France tomorrow. I buy a ticket here tomorrow from a vending machine and use it to get to Cebère, just on the French side of the border. There I buy another ticket to Perpignan from a French railways vending machine.

I did see this group of people dressed in old military uniforms shouting and firing off a canon.  Someone was talking into a loudspeaker in Catalán, which I could not understand. Finally I got someone to explain to me in Spanish that it was a reenactment of a battle between Cataluña and Spain. To you and me, Cataluña may be part of Spain, but to many people here it's an occupied country.

I also took another walk along the top of the city wall where I observed the construction shown in the following picture. I guess the soldiers up there defending the city had to take care of bodily functions, too. Incidentally, anything that fell through that hole would have fallen on the attackers' side of the wall. This gives a whole new meaning to the expression s...., well, use your imagination.


Bruce Braley said...

Could someone have shot an arrow up through that hole while it was being used? Ouch!

Jack Quinn said...

No idea. I didn't sitt down there totry it out.