Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 26, 2014 -- Barcelona, Spain

I'm leaving today, and I spent most of the day getting ready. I washed clothes this morning and hung them out in one of the patios to dry. More than 10 hours later they are still damp. Then I went to the train station and purchased the Tarjeta Dorada (Golden Card), which enables old people to ride the Spanish trains at a reduced rate.

In the afternoon I walked around the port and the old part of the city.

The broken plate glass bank windows, of which I published a photo in yesterday's post, were replaced today. 

In the afternoon, a man had what appeared to be an epileptic seizure just in front of the hostel door. He was lying on the asphalt, but by the time I saw him, one man was lying under him, restraining the guy's arms and holding his head in his lap to keep him from battering himself on the pavement, and another man was lying across the guy's legs to restrain them. A passing cyclist called an ambulance, which took a long time to arrive. It finally did, however.


Bruce Braley said...

Hi Jack,

Just letting you know that I'm enjoying reading your trip blog each day. Didn't want you to think your daughter was the only one following your exploits! Really appreciate the photos, as well. Have fun!


Jack Quinn said...

Bruce, I hope you're not riding your bike. If you stay off it until I get back, we can start even. BTW, I saw two mean-looking cycle dudes this evening. The looked as if they were just back from a training ride.

Bruce Braley said...

No, I'm not riding. We are trying to get to a certain point of remodeling the house in Flagstaff, but whether or not we do, we are committed to walking the Arizona Trail from Utah to Sonora this fall. Last year's plan to do so fell through because of all the rain. We were painting (actually almost totally rebuilding) a deck, and didn't feel right about leaving the renters with a dangerous egress. This time, it is all stuff that can be left unfinished for as long as it takes us to do the hike. We're hoping to complete in about three months. Reckon we'll be fit, if not fast, when we finish!