Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 30 -- 33,000 Feet Above the Atlantic a (final entry)

This will be the final blog entry. I expect to upload it when I reach Phoenix this evening, or if I'm too tired, tomorrow morning.

According to the screen in front of me, this United flight has just passed over the west coast of Ireland and is headed out over the Atlantic. We were two hours late leaving Frankfurt due to a problem with the water pressure in the sinks in the toilets. Despite our delay, the problem was not solved, and washing one's hands can be a problem. I only hope that the flight attendants serving me have found a way to wash theirs.

I was supposed to have a few hours to kill in the Washington D.C. Airport, but now, assuming I make my connection at all, it will be very tight. Going through immigration, waiting for my checked suitcase, taking the suitcase through customs, and re-checking it through to Phoenix will take time. (PS/ I made my Phoenix flight, but not with a lot of time to spare.)

Yesterday was a sunny although chilly day in Frankfurt. I started out intending to visit the Goethe Haus and Jewish museums, but I got involved in looking in store windows in the large pedestrian district and never did visit the museums. Well, I did go by the Goethe Haus, but by then I'd had enough of being on foot, so I walked back to the hostel. I went to bed early and got up at 6 a.m., a bit earlier than I had planned, and a half hour later I was on my way to the airport, first by bus to the train station and from there by S-Bahn or suburban train to the airport.

The trip did not go as planned, but despite my sciatica, which kept me from doing the planned pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella, I'm glad I made the trip.  To those of you who have followed this blog, many thanks. It must have made boring reading at times.

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