Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014 -- Belorado, Spain

I hobbled the 18.8 kilometers or 7.3 miles to get here this morning before deciding to get off my swollen left knee and give it a chance to rest. It is still as badly swollen as ever, but it doesn't hurt nearly as much when I walk on it. I would like to think that it is getting better and that it isn't just due to the pain-killing effects of the ibuprofen.

Yesterday we had a community meal in the refuge, but only three of us participated. One of the participants, a Frenchman, spoke only French, so that was the language of our dinner conversation, which meant that I understood about half of what was being said. I really need to improve my French.

After checking in here at the municipal hostel, I went to a pharmacy for more ibuprofen and then to a store to buy a few items I wanted. The elderly lady running the store was quite a saleslady.  No matter what I chose to buy, she assured me that I had made the best choice.

Then I took the two cans of beer that she had talked me into buying to the park, where I sat in the shade with the other old men as I drank them.

Later, on the Camino route through town, I found the following hand and boot prints. If you click on the photo to zoom in, you will see that they are purportedly from the actor Martin Sheen in 2009. I wonder if that means that he, too, did the Camino.

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