Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014 -- Hornillos del Camino, Spain

480 kilometers or 298 miles left to hike!

Today's walk was somewhat more than 12 miles or 21 kilometers. I can't be precise, because the Camino was detoured around a big highway construction project on the outskirts of Burgos. About half the walk was through Burgos and its surroundings. Several people passing me on the way asked about my limp, so I suppose it's noticeable, although I was trying to hide it.

After the big, modern city of Burgos with its trendy pedestrian shopping districts, I'm now in a village that dates back to medieval times, and the architecture shows it. Here's a shot looking up the main street.

Every little village in Spain has an elaborately constructed church, and Hornillos is no exception. The church and the king, or later the church and dictator Francisco Franco, once together controlled this country with an iron fist.Today the Spanish are very secular, and the church has lost its influence. As a result, many of these old churches, including this one, are falling into disrepair, because there is no money to maintain them.

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